Can You Drive to Alaska From the United States?


Can You Drive To Alaska is a question every American has asked at some point and the simple answer is Yes you can. Below you will find full details of how to do it so strap in and let’s get going.

Let’s be clear you can travel to Alaska from every US state other than the state of Hawaii for obvious reasons. It doesn’t matter which state you enter Canada to… But most states travel via Alaska Highway unless you are entering Canada via the following states California, Oregon, and Washington State than the Dease Lake Highway is the route you would take up to Yukon.

can i drive to Alaska

The Alaska Highway

The Alaska Highway starts at Dawson Creek and no not that TV show from the ’90s with Katie Homles. The highway is very well known for its breathtaking views as you pass through town after town. The Alaska Highway was open is 1948 and work started on the highway during the second world war. This was to make Alaska accessible without the need of going by sea.

There are 3 main roads that all connect to the Alaska Highway from the US they are the British Columbia Highway 97, Alaska Route 2, and Yukon Highway 1.

How long is the journey from the United States to Alaska?

Depending on your start location will depend on the time take on the journey below we have laid out some times from certain city’s. A lot of the drive time to Alaska will be on the Canadian side of the border with about 33 hours of drive time.

Be prepared for long driving days and finding somewhere to stay overnight on the journey via as you will need your rest.

Starting City Distance Driving Time
Orlando, FL 4,730 Miles 76 hours (9.5 days)
New York, NY 4,364 Miles 72 hours ( 9 Days )
Los Angeles, CA 3,397 Miles 59 hours ( 7 Days )
Houston, TX 4,128 Miles 68 hours (9 Days )
Seattle, WA 2,261 Miles 41 hours ( 5 Days )
This is taking with an average drive time of 8 hours and from all the locations above the destination is Anchorage, AK

Can you drive to Alaska in the winter?

The simple answer is yes but be prepared for a longer time driving because the roads are simple more dangerous and you will need to take your time. The closer towards Alaska you get you will find the daylight driving hours will become less and less, even more so towards Yukon as the closer to Christmas it gets you will experience 24 hours of darkness.

You will need to be prepared for the road ahead and the possible outcomes from the weather. In the winter months, the road’s can become very icey and snowstorms are often happening. You will need to take extra care when driving and also have a selection of extra clothes and blankets in the car if you break down to keep you warm while you wait for help. Have plenty of water and food in the car also.

The Canadian roads are very well maintained. Even so, driving thousands of miles in the snow and harsh weather conditions isn’t for everyone. If you are unsure then it’s really better to wait until the summer months before taking on the journey.

Other things you will want to bring other than blankets and water. Spade or shovel to dig yourself out of any issues you maybe get into. Planks of wood to help your tires get grip and get you unstuck from the snow. Also, Snow chains are also a very good idea for your car if you haven’t got them to make sure you get some before you start the journey. Have a few different lays of clothes in case you need to stay in the car overnight before help arrives.

So what can you take away from this. Yes you can drive to Alaska in the winter, but really this should be for experienced drivers only. If you have a good vehicle to do it with like a 4X4. Be Safe and cautions

Things you need to know to drive to Alaska

While you can drive through Canada to Alaska there are some things you should know and need before you set off.

  • You will need your passport to enter Canada and if you are a Non US citizen you will also need the correct Visa.


  • If you are looking to spend some time in Alaska take this into account when planning the journey. At a minimum you are looking to spend 4 to 9 days driving just to get to Alaska. With spending time in Alaska and the drive back you cold be looking at a month away.


  • Be perpared by having the following, Car Bulbs, Flash light, Roadside coverage for US and Canada. Make sure your vechile is in tip top shape and plenty of trend on the tryes and a spare. Have plenty of water in the car with warth clothing.


  • While there is plenty of petrol stations along the way it doesn’t hurt to carry a jerry can with some fuel in.


  • With the route taking you through canada there is a very high chance you will see alot of wildlife. While it may be inviting to get up close to the wildlife, it’s better to stay a safe distance away. By all means grab that important picture but don’t disturb the wildlife.

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